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About the Atlantic City Police Foundation

About Us

The Atlantic City Police Foundation was established by current and former police officers as well as business and civic leaders as an independent, non-profit organization to improve public safety in Atlantic City by assisting the City of Atlantic City and The Atlantic City Police Department in funding for worthwhile police programs, initiatives, training and equipment that would otherwise not be feasible under the City budget.  The majority of the ACPD's annual budget goes to pay personnel salary. 


The role of the Foundation is not to displace city or state funding for basic law enforcement, or to reduce in any way the responsibility of the City of Atlantic City or the State of New Jersey to commit the necessary funding for law enforcement services for its citizens/visitors.  


However, as modern law enforcement tasks continue to become more complex and the City and State continue to struggle with their budgets, the Atlantic City Police Department, similar to police departments across the country, has increasing needs to stay current in training, technology and equipment, as well as communication and partnership efforts with the community/visitors in conjunction with the Cites and States initiatives to improve Atlantic City image as being “Clean and Safe”.  


The Police Foundation will support programs designed to allow the ACPD to become pioneers and innovators in the rapidly evolving areas of technology, strategies and training by providing resources that are not readily available through other means. 


The Police Foundation will work closely with ACPD leadership to develop a strategic program agenda. The Foundation would engage in an effort to leverage private resources to fund high priority law enforcement needs that are beyond the scope of the City budget.  Police Foundations can be found in most major cities.  The first municipal police foundation of its kind was the New York City Police Foundation, founded in 1971.  This benchmark program has raised over 100 million dollars and invested in 400 plus innovated NYPD programs.  


The Atlantic City Police Foundation would raise funds through a variety of means including the following:


  • Donations

  • Raffles through a game of chance license 

  • Yearly Boardwalk Car raffle 

  • Fundraising Dinners/Lunches Etc. 


With your support we can make the Atlantic City Police Foundation a reality.  




Atlantic City Police Foundation

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